Worlds Largest Pencil


In the sleepy little town of Wytheville, Tennessee lies big adventure. Drawn in by the lure of the worlds largest pencil in historic downtown Wytheville, we were pulled in by the 32nd annual Chautauqua Festival, and I was amazed at what this town has to offer for tourist and residents alike. If you’re a fan of the offbeat this town can’t be beat. The worlds largest pencil is hanging on the outside of an office supply building that also claims fame to the worlds largest working pair of scissors. ¬†They are also home to a water tower painted like a hot air balloon in association with their Chautauqua Festival that features music, art and of course the hot air balloons.


We hopped into the Elizabeth Brown Park by the tantalizing smells from local food vendors and stayed to enjoy their beautiful park with live music. The park really got my attention. A small running stream with multiple bridges and a trail ran through the park, and the trees were all hung with lights. I didn’t have to opportunity to visit after dark, but I can imagine the festive atmosphere those lights will create at night. Known as the ¬†Crossroads of the Blue Ridge, this town is a must see to those in the area.


Next week we head back into Virginia and visit Yorktown. I skipped my street photography post, my schedule has been crazy and I wasn’t able to get what I wanted in the shots. It will be posted soon, hopefully.

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