The Ministers Treehouse

Ministers Treehouse, Tennessee

One day, a long while ago, in 1993 to be exact, God came to a man named Horace Burgess, a Tennessee minister, and told him to build a treehouse. Mr. Burgess followed his Gods command and built the “worlds” largest treehouse. Ten stories, one hundred feet tall, the foundation is a white oak tree with a diameter of eighty feet. No one has been able to officially determine if it is in fact the worlds largest, but with eighty rooms it is definitely the largest I have ever seen. It is an amazing structure, I got lost a few times and ran into a couple of dead ends while exploring. The construction of the building is a little haphazard, and sometimes a bit scary, but I ended the explore without any injuries or collapsing floors. Always a plus. If you are particularly clumsy, the recipient of bad luck, have young children with you, or issues with ladders,  this place is not for you.

Carved Wooden figurine, Ministers Treehouse Tennessee


One of the first rooms I came across was the chapel, the size is amazing considering it was built by one very determined man. It is a stunning room, smooth well-worn pews, random pieces of stained glass and the beautiful carved wooden statues added a bit of elegance at odds with the rough wooden walls. I’ve been in a lot of churches from over the top gaudy to the very plain one room church, and the preachers treehouse chapel is one I would rank as one of the more beautiful. I’m not a religious person, but I was definitely feeling some love in that room.



The highest room in the treehouse is the steeple. I have to admit I did not have the courage to climb the last ladder to the very upmost area under the roof, but I made it pretty far. The views from the steeple are beautiful, looking over the tops of the trees. Of course I also have to mention the swings that were found in random spots. The most popular one seems to be the lawn chair hanging on the outside of the building, the ropes looked pretty sturdy but the duct tape holding them together was looking a little sad. With that said I saw several adults and children swinging on it. The swing built out of car tow ropes is probably one you should pass up, bigger fall hazard on that one. The treehouse is filled with oddities, random building supplies piled up, chairs and couches in various degrees of ruin, and a large amount of school desks. Playground equipment including a shiny red bike, sat outside in the tall itchy grass, along with a building façade and barbeque grill. Bathroom facilities are available in the form of several outhouses, use at your own risk. This little explore was a day well spent, and I would love to go back.

A word to the wise, the Ministers Treehouse is private property, and shut down by fire marshals years ago. Trespassing is illegal, and you shouldn’t do it. Definitely don’t trespass because you read some random persons blog and thought it looked like fun. If you ignore my advise and go anyway, leave your knives and spray paint at home. NOBODY likes vandals.


What’s coming up next week? It’s a surprise for everyone, including myself.

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