The Light Show

Red, yellow, and green lights on a water fountain

A few months ago I had a pit stop in Atlanta, Georgia where I talked about the Centennial Park Fountain. Well I found another beautiful fountain, this time in Nashville, Tennessee. Inside the amazing gardens at Gaylord Opryland Resort is a small fountain, what it lacks in size is made up by the spectacular light show that accompanies the water sprayers. Next door to the Grand Ole Opry, the resort features 9 acres of indoor gardens, 2,881 rooms, 17 restaurants/lounges, and a barber/beauty salon. Quite impressive, of course, and the gardens are available for anyone to tour.


The Gaylord Opryland Resort opened their doors for the first time in 1977 with only 588 rooms available. Through out the years the resort expanded squeezing out Opryland USA a theme park that once sat next door to the resort. May of 2010 the resort was forced to close from severe flooding, making claims of ten feet of water in some areas of the motel. The resort was renovated and reopened in November of 2010. The hotel is ranked the largest non-casino in the United States outside of Las Vegas.

The Fountain

Located in the Delta atrium next to the Delta River is a small but impressive water fountain. At night when the lights are low the fountain comes alive with vibrant colors and muted music. It was rather hypnotic, the bright colors were beautiful, many were a pale, somewhat pastel in coloring, I think that is what grabbed my attention. Most water fountains that incorporate colored lights, that I have seen, use the same primary colors. Pretty, but not very unique. The only thing that ruined the show were the hideous rectangle flower boxes that partially blocked our view. I can understand that they needed something to keep kids and adults alike from walking right into the water fountain, but surely it would be easier to use a pretty fence, then cheaply potted palm trees and whatever random assortment of giant bushes they were using. I can’t complain too much though, it is free, and I love free entertainment.

Next week we are exploring Sky-Go Farms.

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