Tennessee Randomness



Here are some photos from around the state of Tennessee, mostly random things I have encountered that don’t quite deserve a full write-up, but still catches my eye. Enjoy!

I’m not sure what these fences were used for. I stumbled on them while shooting the Nashville skyline at Lock One Park. It has the remains of an early fort, lots of steps leading to nowhere, and then these rusted and locked up fences are hiding in the thick underbrush. It’s a mystery.

These benches and raised garden sit in the middle of a roundabout. It caught my attention one night while walking. It was a stormy night with patches of fog, and quite a bit of lightening, but the rain held off. The section of road past this was completely dark, no streetlights so it was a welcoming sight to see this roundabout lit up so brightly.

Spiral Staircase

How do you get down the side of a cliff on a nature hike? With a giant spiral staircase of course. At Greeter Falls in Altamont, TN some genius thought it would make the hike nice and easy to install the staircase then to scale the side of a cliff. I extend a big thank you to whoever you are. This is a beautiful hike to a magnificent waterfall. If you enjoy hiking and nature add this to your list of places to visit.

An apartment  with fire damage is boarded up and abandoned, maybe. I really wanted to hop into this place, but it looks like not everyone got the notice that the building was unfit to live in.


Ok a few more pictures are left, but they are not quite located in Tennessee. In my defense of the blog title, these were all taken near the border in Kentucky. The one room schoolhouse was a surprise find while driving the back roads of Kentucky looking for cemeteries. This place was locked up tight. I would love to walk in this room, but it is probably for the best so the local kids don’t destroy this bit of history with graffiti. The last photo is a burned out building. The building was brick and showed little signs of damage from the outside, but the inside was all but gone. It is a strange little building, no indication of what it once held. The shelving that survived looked a little strange to be a general store, at least to me.

Fire Damage building

Next week we are going to examine the color black.

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