Sunrise On The Grand Strand

There’s something magical about the beach with nothing but the moon and stars to light up the night. I could feel the power of Mother Nature with the endless crashing of the waves. The beach stretched for miles in either direction empty, the sand smooth and warm from the day’s sun. I could have sat there for hours taking in the quiet power.

I spent a week-long camping trip at the Myrtle Beach State Park in South Carolina. Every morning was spent watching the stars disappear and the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean. It was rare to spot more than one or two people strolling along the shores that early in the morning so photographing the beach was no hardship.

My tripod did not make it on the trip, so night photography was completely off the table as was a few other ideas I wanted to try out, so all of my beach photography was limited to sun rises and a few sunsets. I still managed to come away with an amazing amount of images that I have absolutely fallen in love with. I hope you all will enjoys them also.



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