Stones River National Battlefield

A short drive from Nashville; 34 miles to be exact, is the city of Murfreesboro, a city with an impressive amount of activities and places to explore. Today I hit up the Stones River National BattlefieldThe park is a maze of open fields and forested areas that are crisscrossed with roads and trails that host signage to explain the bloody battle that was once fought there.  Of the 76,000 men engaged in the battle for Stones River 24,000 died and 16,000 men wounded. Today the 600 acre park pays homage to those who died on the battlefield.

One of the areas to really catch my attention was the slaughter pen. The story behind the name and seeing the mini crevices men used to hide behind is heartbreaking. Walking along the stone breaks it is hard to imagine the hours men laid upon the ground. I really wanted to be able to capture the area with my camera, but I wasn’t able to convey the uniqueness of the land. This will probably go back onto my to do list along with a wide-angle lens and a step-ladder.

I really enjoyed visiting the Stones River National Park. There seems to be an unlimited amount of things to see and do in this park. The history is amazing, the wildlife is abundant, and there is no shortage of beautiful mother nature.

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