Stonehenge in Alabama

Panoramic of Bamahenge

A quiet drive through the backwoods of Alabama lead us to an American version of Stonehenge, and goes by the name of Bamahenge. Artist Mark Cline built an exact full-size replica of Stonehenge, and set it up to align with the summer solstice. Eccentric Alabama millionaire George Barber commissioned the artwork along with the Lady of the Lake, several dinosaurs and a handful of Spanish Conquistadors.

Panoramic of Bmahenge

It is rather strange to catch that first glance at Bamahenge, through the tall pine trees. We were looking for it and knew what to expect, and were still amazed. Set off of the road a short distance it was sort of shocking to see the sheer size of the fiberglass stones. Twenty one feet tall is no joke, and standing right next to it, and being able to touch it was an adventure.

Yard Ornaments in Elberta, AlabamaYard Ornaments in Elberta, Alabama

I also found roman columns and a pretty lady in the same area. I thought she was pretty and deserved two photos.




Detail from the Fountain of Neptune at Barber Marina

A quick trip down the road to Barber Marina to look for the Lady of the Lake, lead to a disappointment. She was nowhere to be found, we were told she was getting cleaned. While I’m a little sad I didn’t get to see her I don’t believe it is worth another trip just for her. Sorry Lady of the Lake. It wasn’t a total waste of time at the marina though, this absolutely stunning tribute to Neptune took my breath away. The sun was shinning, giving the stunning water fountain its’ very own spotlight. I wasn’t able to find any information about this statue, I would love to know the artist, maybe I will get lucky and someone will stumble across this blog with more information.

Fountain of Neptune at Barber Marina

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