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I stumbled across a small abandoned house while driving through the Missouri countryside. I pulled into the overgrown driveway and fast realized the little home offered much more. The home hide what was once a dairy farm and restaurant, judging by the remains. During the winter the silo has the remains of a painted logo, and a wire milk crate full of molded labels gave me the name and a place for some research. Unfortunately, my research has come up empty-handed. The owner is recently deceased and only one mention of the business is from a newspaper article from the 1950’s. The news article praised the owner of┬áthe “modern” dairy farm for the use of air conditioning. This place draws me in time and time again. During the summer is the best time to visit, I think, the vines just about cover the house and building in bright green leaves, and the red rust stands out a little brighter. The only hazard to this explore are the birds that take up residence inside the buildings every summer. This is yet another beautiful abandonment I wish I had more information on, and truly hope one day soon, someone will claim this property and put it back in use.

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Next week A Foggy Morning in Nashville

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