Quick Stop in Knoxville


This was my first visit to the downtown area of Knoxville, Tennessee. I’ve driven through a few times and the views from the interstates were not very appealing to me, but we had a few hours on our hands and decided to stop and visit the Sunsphere. It was easy to get to parking in the area was a little hard to navigate but we did pretty good.  We were just expecting to go up into the sphere, but there was a lot more for us to do. The Worlds Fair Park features a large water fountain for kids to play in, and a children’s playground right next door to the sphere. The area has a permanent outdoor stage set up and water walks that are scenic and wonderful in such a large busy urban area.  We played for a few hours and went for a walk to the downtown area filled with historic theaters and buildings. We stumbled upon Market Square, an eclectic mix of shopping, restaurants, bars, and street performers.

If you are coming for a visit make sure to check the hours of when the Sunsphere is open, it’s a must see for stunning views and it’s free. Knoxville is on my bucket list for a full weekend getaway to explore the many more things this city has to offer.

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