Pit Stop in Atlanta, Georgia

Centennial Olympic Park was built for the 1996 Olympic games that were held in Atlanta, Georgia. The parks central location in downtown Atlanta draws an estimated three million visitors every year.  We entered the park near the Fountain of Rings, the worlds largest interactive fountain. From edge to edge it is 82.5 feet in length. Children and adults alike were running through the fountain rings, screaming in delight. We had the chance to watch one of the synchronized shows. Brightly colored light, highlighted the awe-inspiring blasts of water, while patriotic music played from loud speakers.

After the water show we wandered further into the park, making our way along the stream where a series of small waterfalls were enjoyed. There were plenty of places to sit and enjoy the view. With the birds chirping and the music of the falling water, a person could almost forget they were standing in the middle of a large metropolis. I certainly did. One of my absolute favorites were the large reflecting pools at the end of the waterfalls. Blue tile designs were laid on the bottom of the pools. The water, at first, was still, like sheets of glass. When the wind blew the reflecting pool became beautiful abstract art designs, constantly changing evolving into different patterns. I found it oddly hypnotizing.

The Centennial Olympic park also boasts an impressive children’s park that is both toddler and older child friendly. It offers multiple climbing surfaces and slides of different sizes. Our Atlanta, Georgia stop was merely a pit stop on a much longer road trip. Two hour were all that was spent in this city before hitting the road again. I know that was not long enough, but I’m not sure I would go out of my way to visit this city again. Maybe my readers can convince me otherwise. What strange and interesting things are left for me to explore?





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