Photography- A Year in Review


The year 2016 is almost at an end and many, myself included, are getting ready to ring in the new year with mile long lists of resolutions and hopes for new beginnings. One of my top goals this year and every year is to improve my business and photography skills, and in order to do that I have to look back at the previous year and study my failures and also my biggest accomplishments. Measuring my failures is a pretty easy job, but deciding my accomplishments is something I’m not so great at. I tend to look at everything in an extremely critical way and that nagging doubt in the back of my head tends to pop up at the worst possible time. This year I hope to tame that stupid little voice and using a combination of sales and blog views I will post my five best photos of the year.

water fountain in front of Madonna Manor, Louisiana

Madonna Manor

Bubbles on white background
I have to admit when looking up the stats I was very surprised by my top 5 list, none of these are among my favorites, I could probably point out several things wrong with each photo, and the bubbles? That was a curve ball right there, but it gives me great ideas of what to focus on in 2017. Hopefully you will be seeing more urban exploration in the new year, and maybe some more abstracts or should it just be more bubbles. 🙂

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