Nashville’s 4th of July Celebration


Games for children, beer for thirsty adults, and red, white, and blue everywhere you look. The 2016 4th of July celebration is touted the largest independence day celebration in the country. Last year they also laid claim that it was the largest, but it was overlaid by some serious issues. The heavy smoke obscured the firework display, and even though we were right next the Nissan Stadium we had to watch it on my cell phone, and even that was not so much fun with shaky cameras. This years celebration was plagued by heavy rainstorms, and a late start to the fireworks show, but all in all it was a good performance for Nashville. Not so much for two of my kids who somehow managed to sleep through the entire fireworks show.


The rainstorms upset my plans for street photography during the day, but the weather managed to clear up just during the fireworks show so I was able to get a few shots. I went into the show with wanting some firework photos that were a little different. I knew I didn’t want the generic shots, nothing wrong with those, but I wanted something a little different. I had a general idea of getting some abstract background design type shots, but wasn’t sure how to achieve that. Once the show started I just started shooting with little purpose in mind. I wasn’t sure I had anything usable until I popped my card into my computer late last night, and realized I had a few images that gave me the feeling of a war zone. The heavy clouds, and red-lit smoke reminded me of a sort of strange horror scene that could have come straight out of a B movie. They could not be considered great on a technical standpoint, but I believe the emotional side is definitely there.








Next week is exploring Williamsburg, Virginia. If you would like to purchase any of the images you see here or any other photography of mine check out Zazzle, where you can purchase canvas prints and posters, or other fun products that feature my work.

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