Nashville Skyline

Nashville Skyline

The skyline of Nashville Tennessee is very distinctive and easily recognizable, thanks to the ATT tower aka the Batman building. It also has a great many places to catch a great view and photos of Music City.

Rising sun is Nashville, TN


Lovers Lane- This seems to be a popular spot of those wishing to get a great view of the city during sunrise and sunset. The multiple times I have visited this spot it is always crowded. The roads are narrow and set up a little strange, and parking is a nightmare unless you arrive in before the predawn.

Nashville Skyline

Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge- Who in Nashville hasn’t seen the view from this bridge? Easy parking, access to an elevator for those that don’t or can’t climb stairs, and the entire skyline is within reach. If you go in the early morning there seems to be homeless living on the banks of the Cumberland River underneath the bridge, but don’t worry they are nice and friendly.

Nashville Skyline at sunrise

Lock One Park- This stunning spot is a little more out of the way, and harder to park at. It also involved hopping over a chained barrier. It seems to house the remains of a few building foundations, and a rusted fence that I have yet to figure out the meaning of. It’s quiet, hidden in a small neighborhood and doesn’t seem to get any visitors.

Of course these are not the only places to view the Nashville skyline, many neighborhood streets surrounding the city also have great views, sometimes you just have to drive around for a bit to find that absolutely stunning urban vista that calls your name.


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  1. Distinctive indeed! The batman building is always the giveaway. You put together some nice shots. I really like the night shot from a distance and the one where you were down on the riverfront catching the reflections in the Cumberland. I’ve been meaning to get to Lover’s Lane for a while. I will have to make time to make that trip. Check out my blog over the next few days. I will also be posting some Nashville cityscape shots as well.

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