Nashville Parks Part One

Nashville and the surrounding area are home to some amazing parks and a few not so amazing ones. I’ve photographed about a few in the past, like Lock One Park and Fort Negley, and now I will be adding even more.  It’s nice to be able to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and hang out in the trees for a bit without driving for hours outside the city. This week I’ll talk about two of them, Cedar Hill and Drakes Creek, I happen to drive by these two on a regular basis and had my camera with me on somewhat warm fall days.


Cedar Hill Park

Cedar Hill Park is located on the corner of Dickerson Pike and Old Hickory Blvd. This park seems to be extremely popular with those that play disc golf. The park has great parking, baseball fields and covered pavilions that are available for rent. I explored the duck pond and the quick paved walking trail that runs along the water’s edge and one of the playgrounds for children. The playground and ducks wandering around are toddler approved in our household. There were numerous people out wandering around with dogs or relaxing on the rocks that line part of the duck pond, traffic noises from the heavy traffic surrounding the park were nonexistent in the park.

Drakes Creek Park/ Memorial Park

Drakes Creek Park is located in Hendersonville and is a sport lovers dream come true, if you play any outdoor sports this park has your field. This park also has a greenway running through the park that is paved and is easy walking. Several toddler approved playgrounds can also be found within this large park. While the Taylor Swift playground draws large crowds of happy children the trail that runs along Drakes Creek leaves something to be desired. The creek tends to be lined with family’s fishing or feeding the ducks, but the water is dirty and the trail gives views of the trash, tires and dead fish floating along the banks of the creek. The park is noisy and wont make a great escape from city life but kids of all ages and sports enthusiasts will enjoy the park.


Check out my photography shop!!!  Next week is a DIY light box tutorial for macro and closeup photography.

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