Nashville Fourth of July

I know, I know, the fourth of July was last week. I’m a little late, but I still wanted to share the few photographs I managed to get during the largest Fourth of July celebration in the country.

This year (2017), 35,000 pounds of explosives and 60,000 shells were used to create the fireworks display in downtown Nashville. Unfortunately, the weather was working against the city again this year. Great clouds of smoke obscured the massive fireworks display and not many were able to view the grand finale of the thirty minute show.

My family and I were seated right below the fireworks so I wasn’t able to capture a broad view of them, but I was able to capture some great abstracts which I love for product design. Editing these images was pretty simple, a quick color correction was needed for most and cropping on a few of the images to account for a street light.


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