Misty Morning at Radnor Lake

Radnor Lake Oak Hill, Tennessee

Radnor Lake State Park is located in Oak Hill Tennessee just south of Nashville. With 1,332 acres of pristine beauty and a little over six miles of trails the park offers ample opportunity for bird watching, nature photography and hiking. The creation of the lakeĀ in 1914 by the Louisville and Nashville Railroad company(L&N) was used to supply steam locomotives and livestock with much-needed water. With the decline in steam engines the dam became unnecessary and in 1961 the L&N sold much of the land to a development company who planned to turn the area into a housing development. These plans for development were not well received by area residents, many of whom were using the lake for fishing and hiking. Scientists, government officials, and various environmental groups raised 3.4 million dollars to purchase the land in 1973 and was recognized as the first state natural area. Since 1973 and the initial purchase of the land from developers, nearby landowners have donated and/or sold land to add to the park to protect the watershed from further development.

Today Radnor Lake state park is seen by roughly one million visitors every year. The park is day use only, animals and bikes are only allowed on one trail; Otter Creek Road; picnicking/food and weddings are not allowed in the park at all. But don’t worry about forgetting any of the rules at this park, each trail head boasts two large signs each that explain the rules. I went for a visit in the early morning along the Otter Creek road trail. The surrounding hillside was covered in heavy fog and reflected off the lakes calm surface creating a serene mirror. While the parking lots were full I saw only a few friendly people on the trails and almost no noise to disrupt the quiet. The scenery was stunning, every angle presented an amazing view and photo opportunity. I can’t wait for the opportunity to explore Radnor Lake in the spring with the lush green trees in bloom.

Fog covering the hills in Oak Hill Tennessee

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