Missouri Abandonment

It’s time for some urban exploration, or in this case mostly rural exploration. The state of Missouri is crisscrossed with thousands of gravel and dirt roads that seemingly curve and cut through the land with no purpose in mind, other then getting the driver lost, and that is how I love to explore. Loading up my car in the predawn and just driving with no destination, no maps, nothing but whim and promising road names. If the country road name ends in church or schoolhouse chances are you’ll find an abandoned building or two, or at the very least a quaint little cemetery to explore.

The massive factories with their minimalism are wonderful to  explore, but they don’t have the same energy or character as a forgotten home, a more personal history. Many times I stumble upon empty shells of homes, all contents removed giving no details of who once occupied the home. In some cases beautiful turn of the century homes are left open for farm animals to take shelter in. I once had a run in with a very large cow inside an abandoned home, not sure which of us was the more frightened, but I now pay closer attention to homes left in the middle of pasture lands.

Peaceful retreat


And in the best times I come across beautifully decorated homes, time capsules into the past, food still sitting in the pantry, clothing hanging up in the closets. Decay may be supreme in most of these abandoned homes, but the beauty can still shine.


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Next week will be about the Worlds Greatest Zoo, The St. Louis Zoo.

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