I’m Back

I know I haven’t posted too much lately, I’ve been crazy busy and haven’t had a whole lot of creative camera time. This summer was the summer of camping for myself and my family, a lot of planning and packing is required for our family of five, by the time we get settled in to our camping spot, picking up a camera is usually the last thing on my mind. We did manage to explore a few new places in the beautiful state of Tennessee, and a few places on the east coast that I will be posting about in the coming months.

On top of all the camping and road trips I’veĀ  spent the last few weeks working as a volunteer cemetery photographer, tedious work, but I have managed to snag a few interesting photos I will also be posting in the next few weeks. Things should be calming down as we head into fall, and I plan to focus my attention on more artistic photography once more.


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