Hello Christmas Part 2

Quick, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Christmas? For me its the fragrant pine tree decorated with lights. The tradition is believed to have started in Germany around the 16th century, and didn’t become popular in the United States and England until the late 1840’s thanks to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Before its popularity the Christmas tree was seen as pagan by many, the Puritans especially who were known to fine those that celebrated Christmas in a joyful manner. Today 34 to 36 million Christmas trees are grown and sold in the United States with all 50 states growing them.

The main man, Mr. Santa Claus, is said to be based on a monk named Saint Nicholas, who was known for his love of children, his generosity and gift giving. The fat man with a red suit and white fluffy beard is a modern invention, the 1920’s to exact and a large amount of credit is given to Coca-Cola for ‘standardizing’ the well-known image.


Anyway I played with Bokeh, I do use it a lot, but never as the main subject. I keep seeing it plastered all over my pinterest page. Bokeh is a Japanese term used to describe an out of focus area in an image. It definitely has its uses, getting rid of a distracting background, or just as a way to focus the eye on the main subject. When Bokeh is used solely as the main subject I’m not too impressed. Extremely simple, my two examples are not the greatest, it creates an interesting abstract image, which can be useful, but I don’t believe it can be used as a stand alone piece photography wise.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

A big thank you to the History Channel website for all the interesting facts about Christmas.


Next Week…. A little Urban Exploration.


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