Gateway Island

Gateway Island is located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee not too far from the Stones River National Battlefield and is part of the Greenway trail system. The island consists of a very small block of land with a gazebos and reception center surrounded by a small man-made water system with several waterfalls and beautiful landscaping. Well advertised as the perfect location for picnics, photography, and weddings, I wanted to see it for myself.

Gateway Island Murfreesboro, Tennessee

I won’t lie, I wasn’t impressed. ┬áThe bulk of the photography found online seems to be a few years old, before the land surrounding the area started building up. Every possible angle, other than the ground featured big modern buildings in various states of completion. The landscaping while beautiful was covered in duck and goose poop. The birds were everywhere and they are not afraid of people. I honestly could not image someone getting married or even using the location for portraits. If you want some great photos of birds though, Gateway Island has you covered. Anything more extravagant than a quick walk or picnic (watch out for the animals) and you may be out of luck, this place is small and too crowded with the never-ending encroachment of buildings.

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