Forgotten Summer Cottages

Hidden deep within the Great Smoky Mountains lays a small summer village by the name of Elkmont. Within the last few years it has gained a massive amount of attention from social media. After watching the video on my Facebook news feed I had to add it to my urbex list.

What started out as a primitive logging camp that was established by Little River Logging Company in 1908, turned into an upscale resort town beginning with the building of Wonderland Park Hotel in 1912. It boasted 50 rooms and great views from its balcony.  Sadly the hotel collapsed in 2005 due to structural damage. Multiple fishing and hunting clubs used the area, and over the years a town was built up of the elite members of society from the surrounding area spent their summers there.

In 1934, the carefree little resort towns were emptied out and left to the harsh elements when the National Park Service took over, and the area became known as The Great Smoky Mountains. Today small sections of cabins have been restored and are on the national register of historic places. The buildings that did not make the cut were placed on the chopping block and plans are in the works to be removed. The national park service has yet to actually tear down any of the building, but mother nature is working hard to remove them herself.

While it was pretty amazing to walk down the street of the preserved Elkmont, I had a lot more fun climbing around the not so well-preserved cabins. The homes range in decent condition to a stiff wind could take out a few walls. If you do plan on visiting, please be careful while entering derelict buildings. It is dangerous and one wrong move could end your life.


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Next week is another abandonment!!!

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