Forgotten Church

During a long uncomfortable road trip through Nebraska we drove past this little building. One quick look at it, and I was busy poking at my partner to stop the car and turn around. I can’t quite put my finger on why this beautiful little church caught my eye. I’ve seen hundreds of abandoned buildings sitting on the side of the road, long forgotten and left to decay, regardless I knew in that split second that I needed a closer look at this building. It was a hot summer day and the grass was tall and rough to walk on. Flip flops and capris do not make good exploring clothes, and I was also  worried about giant poisonous snakes, so it was just a quick peek inside. Just long enough to capture a few shots before I had to walk away. I’m not sure of the name or even the location of this church, but I hope someone, somewhere has documented the life of this beautiful building, maybe even restoring it. Seems a shame to destroy such a beautiful place.


What coming up next week?  An abandoned Resort Town.

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