For The Love Of California


California, one of my favorite states to visit. This state has everything one could want in life. Mountains, beaches, forests, and atmosphere. This group of images span several years and cover various areas of the state.


Palm Springs Church

First up is Palm Springs, a beautiful oasis in the middle of the desert. This once stunning church caught my eye, the blackened remains of the building were prominent, but the surrounding landscape was a brilliant green. Someone went to great pains to hide the church with a large fence and plastic, but I managed to snap a few photos while my family waited for me.


Santa Monica Pier

I never fail to visit Santa Monica and Venice Beach on any of my trips to California. The boardwalk at Venice is the place to be, you can buy anything your heart desires in the shops and the entertainment of street performers make this one of my favorite beaches. Not far from Venice is the world famous Santa Monica Pier. I’ve zip-lined over jungles, climbed Mayan pyramids all with smiles on my face, the two times I rode the Ferris Wheel on the end of the Santa Monica Pier, I cried. Swinging in an open bucket over the ocean is not something I will ever do again. With that said I do enjoy walking along the pier and swimming on the beach there.



These next two photos were both taken along the road to Yosemite Valley National Park. Natures playground. Lush valleys of majestic trees that climb to rocky mountain peaks covered in snow.


Toward the north end of California lies a scenic roadway called the 17 Mile Drive. While driving on this road is NOT free it is definitely worth paying the entrance fee.  The majestic views of the Pacific Ocean are amazing. Along this drive you can find famous golf courses, rocky coast lines, pure white sand swimming beaches, and a wide array of interesting architecture of the homes found in this area. If you ever find yourself in this area with a day to spare, you must hit up this beautiful roadway.



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Next week I will be sharing some of my collection of found photos.

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