Fog in Moss-Wright Park

Manicured Field of fog

Fall is slowly creeping its way into Middle Tennessee which means it’s time for one of my favorite weather phenomenons, fog. This September we have had many foggy nights in and around Nashville, but my schedule always seems to supersede my desire to capture the fog. Luckily I got a small break in the form of late morning mist while taking my youngest for a walk in Moss-Wright Park. The sun was well over the horizon when I shot these images, so the light was bright, creating a rather happy atmosphere in the park then the somber, mysterious feelings that fog usually brings. I made minor adjustments to the image levels in Photoshop Elements to bring up the blacks and white and left everything else as is.

Moss-Wright Park,¬†located in Goodlettsville and home to the historic Manskers Station. Manskers Station is a reproduction of a 1779 frontier fort, named after Kasper Mansker, who settled in the Goodlettsville area, and managed to build two forts in the area. Moss-Wright Park is also home to the Bowen Plantation House built around 1787. The Park has a well maintained paved walking trail that runs along the outer boundary,¬† is home to several sports fields, and a large children’s playground. Moss-Wright Park also hosts several fun events throughout the year for the city of Goodlettsville.

Fort in Fog


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