Fall Floral


The weather is starting to cool down now as we hit the autumn season, the prospect of winter and cold are now on the horizon which means, for our family, its time to cram as much outdoor activities into our days as possible before we start our winter hibernation. We have spent the last few weeks exploring the Nashville area, places we haven’t managed to find time to explore before, and my attention has been drawn to the gardens. I don’t associate fall with beautiful gardens, mainly because I know nothing of gardening, and I have been expecting barren piles of dirt, but it seems I have been wrong all of these years.

A quick stop at the Walk of Fame Park in downtown Nashville had me knee-deep in roses, and gave me the idea to seek out a few more gardens. I shot quite a few close photos, (I seriously need to find my macro lens) at various locations throughout the Nashville area, and I’m quite pleased with the results. I think, sadly, the gardens are coming to an end now as the temperatures keep dipping lower and lower at night.


Next week I’ve got a few photos from a Urbex week in Missouri.

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