Easter Portraits

We have a slight change of plans concerning blog posts, next week will be a trip to Chicago. My family went to the Nashville Zoo for their Easter egg hunt, and ended up doing an impromptu photo shoot, because who can resist toddlers in little suits.

Toddlers in pastel green suits

Of course the zoo was crazy packed, but we managed to find a spot that was not as busy, the Grassmere Historic farmhouse. Trying to corral two toddlers to sit still next to each other is almost impossible, so I just let them loose and followed them around to get a few shots. Johnny, the older of the two boys, loved smiling for the camera and sticking his face into the lens. Woody, the youngest, ignored me completely. Bobbie, the oldest, was not willing to cooperate at all.

I much prefer the more relaxed portraits for children, I think it is easier to capture the personality of children when they are in their element verses forcing them into unnatural and generic poses. Each photo is a snapshot into the character of who that child is, and will hold happy memories for years to come.

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