Crumbling Away- An Adventure in Urban Exploration

It was a cold morning, frost covered my car as I left well before dawn. The roads were empty on the long drive to visit this site. I wasn’t even sure I would be able to explore this area. Research had led me to believe entry was impossible, in hindsight it almost was impossible, but I decided to give it a try anyway. It had been awhile since I’ve done an explore and I was getting antsy. I made it to the area about fifteen minutes before predawn and scouted the area. Lucky for me traffic was non-existent. I planned my attack route and an emergency exit with a quick walk around then went to work. The site was heavily overgrown with vegetation and loose rubble so I packed my bags light. One camera, one lens.

This place was rough, barbed wire is not nice to place with, and it really doesn’t like clothing. Moments after detangling myself from the balls of razor sharp hell, I took a steep hill embedded with bricks and broken beer bottles on my butt. That definitely wasn’t in the plan book. I was starting to get second thoughts about continuing, but decided  there was no point in giving up when I was that close. As I made it to the ruins it felt like I was inside some dark forgotten jungle deep in the wilderness. Leaf litter was thick and effectively covered the ankle turning holes in the ground. Small trees and vines were everywhere, turning the area into a maze of how not to get my hair ripped out, or smacked in the face with branches. Massive slabs of concrete with twisted bits of rebar still attached lay on the ground not far from the empty buildings. Water dripped off of the twisted and damaged concrete, making strange music. It had been a while since I had seen rain so it was a little strange. The walls were cracked and mangled in some places, most were gone, turned to rubble on the ground. A stiff wind looked like it could take out the little that remained. And then the one thing you never want to happen, happened. A large slab of concrete wall I was standing one slide out from underneath me. Cartoon style, my entire body went airborne before slamming back down on top of the sharp corner of a concrete brick. Immediately the entire right half of my body went numb. The first thoughts that went through my head were ‘Oh Shit!!!’ and that I needed to at least make it back to my car. After a couple of seconds, some of the longest in my life, I was able to move my leg with the tingling sensation similar to my leg having ‘fallen asleep’. I made it out in record time without any more major issues. Two weeks with a blackened butt check and four weeks with a V shape indent, I believe I was pretty lucky. I managed to fall on a well cushioned body part and it just happened to NOT be the pocket my phone was in. All joking aside, that trip could have ended very badly for me, I am very grateful that it didn’t.

After all is said and done, I do hope to return to finish my photo set. I didn’t get nearly what I know I can from that site. Maybe next time I should take a fellow explorer to carry me out. 😉


Next week is a throwback to a little place in Louisiana I found.


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One thought on “Crumbling Away- An Adventure in Urban Exploration

  1. Wow! Talk about close calls!! You could have easily been in one of those articles you see about the photographers who tragically met their demise trying to get the shot. Whenever I venture out, my wife tells me to keep the GPS on my phone on so they know where to find my body, LoL. I am glad you are ok. Nice images! Places like this are full of stories. I hope you make it back to get more shots. Be careful and keep your GPS on!

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