Calm in the Sunrise

Nashville Skyline

Last week I found myself on Love Circle at sunrise to add a few more sunrise photos to my collection. I wanted to focus more on the bright colors rather than the cityscape, unfortunately the sunrise that morning was lacking a little so I switched things up and tried shooting directly into the sun.

The auto bracketing on my camera leaves much to be desired, lesson learned, so I ended up with a pretty distinctive haze on all of my photos, but I think I managed to salvage a few useable photos. Time to hit the books and study up on bracketing and HDR.

Early morning sun

Next week we look at some beautiful fall flowers.

2 thoughts on “Calm in the Sunrise

  1. I really like that distant sun rising on the horizon. Lookout for the “HDR Hole”. You have probably seen this, but there is a graph showing the stages of a photographer’s life. Just google or image search “Stages of a Photographer’s Life”. Click on the colorful line graph that pops up. You will see that upon getting a tripod, the photographer falls into the HDR hole. It appears to be a tough hole to climb out. I fell into it very briefly, but was able to climb out without any lasting damage. With that said, I believe HDR is an excellent tool if implemented properly, but everyone has their tastes.

    My camera will only bracket 3 frames up to plus or minus 1. If 3 frames is enough, I simply use my remote cable release with the drive set to the sequential shooting mode. When I need more that 3 frames, I will simply use my remote cable release in one hand while I manually change the exposure with the other. You will probably spend most of your time trying to figure out what software to use. There are a lot of choices. The good thing is that most have some sort of trial for testing. I went through several before I found SNS-HDR. I even tried the popular Photomatix. At the end of the day, SNS-HDR did a much better job in my opinion of rendering natural looking images. I’m no HDR expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I would love to help you anyway I can.

    • The Stages of a photographers life is humorous. I have definitely seen the HDR hole, and I’m not a huge fan of the overly done HDR, so hopefully I can avoid that hole. 🙂 I will have to check out SNS-HDR, thanks for the recommendation.

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