Best of 2017


This week I’ll be showcasing five of my favorite photos from 2017 in no particular order.


The Beautiful Miss Taylor and her graduation portraits. The earthy tones of the building facade and fallen leaves matched her outfit while still allowing her to be the main focus. The shadows were a little sharper then I would have preferred but the highlights were not too overpowering.

The stunning sunrise over Percy Priest Lake.  I absolutely love the warm colors of the sky and the calmness of the entire image. The tree line and odd stumps sticking out of the water add a nice contrast to the overall brightness of the sunrise.

Smooth surface of Radnor Lake

The mirror surface of Radnor Lake. Technically this one should not work as well as it does. It breaks all the rules, there is no line of movement and no balance. There is however a strong center of interest and heavy contrast that draws the eye in even if no one knows what they are looking at.

Twin Trees in Fog

The symmetry of the trees in  Goodlettsville with the background fading away in the fog is one of my favorites simply because of the bright pop of bright green grass in the foreground.

A little girly and a little punk rock attitude is showcased in Miss Bobbie’s portrait.  The background is in sharp focus and busy, but she manages to dominate the image regardless.


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