All about the Pumpkins

White and Orange Pumpkins

Its that time of year again, Fall has arrived with cool temperatures, visits to corn mazes, carving pumpkins, and beautiful fall colors. I haven’t left the city much so I can’t vouch for the fall colors, but I did manage to make it to the Just Piddlin Farm in Woodburn, Kentucky to pick up pumpkins and hit up their corn maze.


It’s a fun-filled working farm with numerous activities for every member of the family. Tricycle races, a massive corn play pit, and playground are just a few of the things this farm offers. We were given a pull along wagon to pick out our own pumpkins in their pumpkin fields and ended up with some great pictures of my children picking out their own pumpkins. We ended our day at the Just Piddlin Farm in their corn maze, which featured three miles of twists and turns.

A well worn trail through a corn maze.

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