Who is behind WisePhoto?

WisePhoto walking away from camera toward a garden.

Growing up Erica Wise developed a love for art books and was fascinated by the photography in National Geographic Magazine. The work found inside the prestigious magazine gave her the lifelong dream of becoming a travel photographer. At the tender age of 18 she bought her first DSL camera, a Pentax ZX-M. Studying Visual Communication during the week, she spent her weekends learning how to use her camera wandering the streets of Tempe, Arizona. A cross country move back to her home state of Missouri, and a new college, introduced her to fine art photography and the darkroom. If she wasn’t shooting the decay found in St. Louis, she was spending her time in the darkroom experimenting, pushing her craft to the next level.

A selfie in the Preachers treehouse.In 2010, Erica went digital, she mourns the loss of the darkroom, but plans to one day own her own personal darkroom. In the main time she can be found poking around abandoned buildings and wandering the streets at odd hours.

You can buy my work on Redbubble, and Zazzle.