A weekend in Yosemite


We spent a quick and stormy weekend in Yosemite National Park. It was cold, and dreary, the sun refused to come out for us to enjoy, but we were able to see the magnificent of the heavy fog in the valley. It was an amazing experience watching the mountains and waterfalls drift in and out of the fog. Sometimes we could see for miles, sometimes we would be completely enclosed in our own little world.

yosemite3 The constant rain was not fun to deal with, it was cold and the few times it stopped raining the humidity was outrageously high. The common rooms were packed and we considered ourselves lucky to find a few chairs to sit and eat on. Our cabin was damp, smelled like mold and the floor was noticeably uneven and cost an outrageous amount of money.  yosemite2

Since we had so little time we went the tourist route and booked a tour bus. We rode along regaled with humorous stories and history and stopped at the major sites. We later went back and stopped at a few more places on our own. While not ideal for our family, it was a great way to see what the valley had to offer as we had no plans to hike on this trip.

While this visit was somewhat of a bust, we are glad we did stop by to visit and we have added hiking the valley to our bucket list.




Next week I will have some more random photos from California. Stay tuned!!

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