A Night in the Life of a photographer


I have over the years read many day in the life posts and articles no matter the occupation, it’s a great opportunity to peek inside someone else’s life and habits. I’m sure there is a long drawn out sociological explanation to explain why people enjoy these articles so much, but I think it comes down to being nosy. I will never be a cheerleader, I have no interest in anything related to cheer-leading, but I will gladly spend twenty minutes reading a detailed choreographed story from a cheerleader. Anyway, during a day in the life reading spree, I though it would be fun to write one up on myself. I didn’t, at the time, realize how much time as a photographer I’m stuck staring at a computer screen, but that seems to be my life until I can afford to hire my own marketing staff. (I wish)   One more small thing I would like to point out before we begin, as you may have noticed from the title of this blog, I happen to be one of those rare pale creatures that only come out in the moonlight. It’s so much quieter than the sun.

A Night in the Life of a Photographer

9pm The obnoxious buzzing of the alarm wakes me up, and I slowly stumble my way into the kitchen for the required cup of coffee. I have to dodge a few small children along the way, but I manage well enough. While I savor my hot coffee and screaming toddlers, I start getting dressed for the night.


10pm Now that the caffeine is starting to kick in, my brain is slowly starting to function properly and it’s time to start working. I have my business planner with its mile long to do list to give me a good idea of what needs to be done. Marketing/advertising for an introvert is not an easy job and these days it seems to be the most time-consuming issue I have. I try to focus on one or two subjects a night to work on. Some nights I focus on photo editing, other nights I work on wedding suites. Tonight is my night to work on my PODs (Print on Demand). The bulk of my POD sales are from Zazzle so I work on that.


3AM I check the weather forecast; humid, slight drizzle, and dense fog, my favorite weather. I check my gear bag to make sure I have everything I need and charge my camera batteries. I have about two hours to research online before the sunrise. Today I want to explore the city of Franklin and surrounding area. I look up area history, cemeteries, and interesting stories that could lead me to any abandoned buildings and historical places.


5AM One last check for my equipment and I’m on the road. First stop is coffee. Hello Starbucks! What follows is fairly simple, armed with my quick research, I stop near the historic square in Franklin, Tennessee and start walking. The mood of the empty town is rather cheerful, the sun has yet to rise but the small colorful window displays are bright with lights and I can smell coffee from a corner shop that’s packed with locals. I’m a little tired and not so much in the mood for cheerfulness so I don’t shoot anything. Back into my car to drive around for a bit before hitting the next location on my list. I have better luck this time around and manage to walk away with a few pictures. I keep to less traveled roads in hopes of finding something unique while driving to each new location.


8AM The sun is fully up now and so is the city. The streets are now filled with cars and people and driving while gawking at the scenery is now impossible so it’s time to end my work day and head home. Tomorrow night I will be spending another night staring at the computer screen editing photos and updating my blog.


In the coming weeks I will be posting the photos I shot tonight so stay tuned.


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