A Modern Day Stonehenge

Carhenge Alliance Nebraska

Tucked away in the flat lands of Alliance, Nebraska lies a unique sculpture park made of vintage cars known as Carhenge.  The artist, Jim Reinders, along with the help of family and friends built the towering anomaly as a memorial to his father in 1987. Painted a dull grey and buried in precise measurements Mr. Reinders recreated Stonehenge. Located next to Carhenge is the brightly painted Car Art Reserve, the artwork spray painted on these vehicles are a fascinating mix of random doodles, and quick philosophical quotes.   The Stonehenge replication is open everyday with no admission charge (they do ask for donations)  and during the summer months a small gift shop is open with an assortment of fun souvenirs to purchase.


This is not the first replicated Stonehenge I have visited but it is definitely the most unusual. The park is small, child/stroller friendly and  doesn’t take too much time to explore, but if you’re in the neighborhood  I would consider it a must see.  Another Stonehenge replication I explored can be found here.

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