A Day in Chicago

Panorama of Chicago IL

The Windy City is home to 2.7 Million people and is the third largest city in the United States. An estimated 40 million people visit Chicago yearly. Our household happens to be part of those 40 million people. Our first order of business was to visit Willis Tower, formerly known as Sears Tower. At 108 stories high it is listed as the second tallest building in the US, and features the Skydeck on the 103rd floor. The Skydecks most popular feature are the all glass balconies that extend four feet out from the building. On clear days visitors can see the surrounding states of Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. This was a seriously long wait. We had to wait in line to go through security that rivals the airlines, wait in line for the elevators, wait for an opening to get into a glass box, but it was worth it. The views are amazing, and you can feel the skyscraper moving in the wind. If you are ever in the area do not miss the Skydeck in Willis Tower downtown.

During our Chicago weekend we also went on an architectural boat tour. It was chilly but offered us great views of the wonderful skyline. After the boat tour we wandered around the Navy Pier, which offered a lot of activities. We mostly walked around and people watched. For those who want to do more, the Navy Pier offers dozens of shops, many restaurants of every price range, parks, and an amusement park. The amusement Park is currently undergoing renovation so check out their website before heading out if you are wanting to ride some rides. 2016 will mark the 100th  anniversary of the Pier. It was built in two years for the sum of $4.5 million dollars and open to the public in 1916. The Navy Pier draws in 9 million people a year. We spent roughly 24 hours in the city of Chicago and enjoyed it immensely, but it is not a city for those on a strict budget.

Chicago is definitely  on my list of places to return to, hopefully armed with more information and time to research the area rather than a spur of the moment idea.

Gated Dooway, Chicago, IL

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Next week we will be playing with bubbles.


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